International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

ISSN Online:2229-3566

ISSN Print: 2277-4343


Article Category: Case Reports

DOI: 10.7897/2277-4343.1105136

Pages: 28-30

Author: Palak Rathod *, Srelekshmi, Manjunath Adiga

Abstract: Depression is common disorder and contributes largely to nonfatal health loss characterized by feeling of sadness or loss of interest in activities which can be correlated to kaphaja Unmada. In Ayurveda, choice of treatment for Kaphaja Unmada is Vamana with Satwavajaya Chikitsa, Shamana Aushadhi, and Medhya Rasayana. A treatment protocol was designed based on signs and symptoms of the patient and was administered Sarvanga Udvartana with Bashpa Sweda, Sirotalam, Vamana, Patent medicine (Composed of Jyotishmati Taila, Shuddha Gandhaka, Shankhapushpi, Vacha, Jatamamsi and Bhringraja) and Saraswatarishta. This treatment was helpful in reducing the intensity of symptoms and improving his quality of life of an extent. This helps us to understand the scope of Ayurvedic intervention for mental disorders. Ayurveda provides various effective solutions to various diseases which come under the umbrella of Unmada.

Keyword: Depression, Kaphaja Unmada, Treatment