International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

ISSN Online:2229-3566

ISSN Print: 2277-4343


Article Category: Original Research articles

DOI: 10.7897/2277-4343.1206169

Pages: 50-55

Author: Aiyanna PP *, Vishnu Prasad V, Pradeep JM

Abstract: Gridhrasi, one among the Nanatmaja Vikara, specific Nidana and Samprapti is not explained in classics so that the general Vata Vyadi Nidhana Samprapthi can be considered. The Chikitsa of Gridhrasi includes Sneha, Sweda, Bastikarma and Agni karma. Generally, Basti is the best line of treatment for Vata dosa. References from Acharya Charaka also explain Basti as one of the treatment modalities. With the support of Niruhadikara in Chakradhatta, we have the reference of Ardhamatrika Basti, which is one among Kashaya Basti, here he explains the practical utility along with many added benefits of Bala, Varna, Vrushatha and Pumsavanathva which gifted by Atreya Maharshi. Ardhamatrika Basti, one among Madhutailika Basti (having an equal quantity of Madhu and Taila), can be clinically explored where neither Parihara Kala nor Purva karma like Sneha, Sweda are necessary. The study design selected for the study was a comprehensive clinical trial. The sample size for the present study was 30 patients suffering from Gridrasi as per the selection criteria. Patients were randomly selected irrespective of sex and were treated with Ardhmatrika Basti as a yoga Basti for eight days. Among 30 patients taken for study, marked improvement in the symptomatology of the disease is obtained. 26.7% of patients got complete Shamana, 36.7% achieved Prayika shamana, 30% reported Amsika shamana, and 6.6% had Kinchit shamana. In the assessment criteria taken in patients, Ruja BT - 2.68 after follow up reduced to 1.8, Spandana BT - 2.38 after follow up reduced to 1.73, Sakthana Utksepa-nigraha BT - 2.82 after follow up reduced to 1.58, Gourava BT - 2.5 after follow up reduced to 1.7, Arochaka BT - 2.22 after follow up reduced to 1.87. This result shows that the present study of Ardhamatrika Basti has given a marked improvement in treating Gridhrasi.

Keyword: Gridhrasi, Ardhamatrika Basti, Sciatica