International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

ISSN Online:2229-3566

ISSN Print: 2277-4343


Article Category: Original Research articles

DOI: 10.7897/2277-4343.13019

Pages: 36-45

Author: Srikanth Reddy *, V. Alagarsamy, P. Subhash Chandra Bose, V. Sruthi, D. Saritha

Abstract: The present study aims to design and formulate the enteric-coated tablets of bisacodyl and comply with the physicochemical properties per BP limits. The wet granulation technique prepared the formulations. As a result of the studies, the blend of all formulations showed good flow properties such as angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, Carr’s index, Hausner’s ratio. The prepared tablets were indicated suitable post-compression parameters like Hardness, Thickness, weight variation, friability, content uniformity, disintegration time, In vitro dissolution studies. In the FTIR studies, all the excipients were tested for compatibility with the drug, revealing that no physical and chemical interaction occurred. The drug release rate from tablets was studied using the USP type ΙΙ dissolution test apparatus. The dissolution medium was 900 ml of 0.1N HCL at 100 rpm at a temperature of 37±0.5 ?C. The formulation F7 consisting of Solutab was best among all the formulations; it has exhibited a faster disintegrating time (2 min and 17 sec.) compared to other formulations.

Keyword: Bisacodyl tablets, FTIR, wet granulation technique, compatibility.