International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

ISSN Online:2229-3566

ISSN Print: 2277-4343


Article Category: Case Reports

DOI: 10.7897/2277-4343.130479

Pages: 15-17

Author: Haripriya NA *, Joshi George

Abstract: In the present era, dermatological diseases are becoming more common due to increased pollution, changes in lifestyle, food habits and the stressful work environment. Urticaria is one such type characterized by red, raised wheal formation associated with itching. A 28-year-old female patient came in the OPD of Panchakarma with red, raised, itchy lesions over both hands and lower legs for the last five years. She was under steroids and antihistamines for an extended period, but there was no relief. The case was diagnosed as Urticaria. In Ayurveda, it can be correlated with Seetapitta, a Vatapitta pradhana roga. Abhyanga, Seka, Vamana, and Virechana are the treatments told by Acharyas. Here Virechana with Trivrut lehya was given after Snehapana with Aragwada mahathikthaka ghrita. The patient got marked relief from the lesions and itching after follow-up.

Keyword: Urticaria, Seetapitta, Virechana, Snehapana