International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

ISSN Online:2229-3566

ISSN Print: 2277-4343


Article Category: Review articles

DOI: 10.7897/2277-4343.140392

Pages: 104-106

Author: Giramalla Patil *, Surekha Medikeri, Shivanand Patil

Abstract: Rasayana is a specialised technique that includes rejuvenating recipes, nutritional regimens, and behaviours to boost one's health. Scientific studies have proven its usefulness in managing chronic lifestyle-related illnesses and degenerative alterations. Thuvaraka rasayana is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation that promotes overall health and well-being. Chaulmoogra oil is used internally and externally in Ayurvedic medicine to treat skin diseases. Khadhirasadhitha Thuvaraka Rasayana is a specialised preparation explained by Sushruta acharya mainly in the management of Kushta and Prameha as Naimittika rasayana in different doses based on roga and rogibala. As the Thuvaraka has the ubhaya marga doshaharana property, its utility is well established based on Ayurvedic principles in the management of Kushta, as in this disease, there is a need for repeated shodhana. The Thuvaraka Rasayana regimen is one such modality where doshaharana and Rasayana benefits are achieved at the same time.

Keyword: Thuvaraka, Khadhira, Kustha, Rasayana.