International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

ISSN Online:2229-3566

ISSN Print: 2277-4343


Article Category: Review articles

DOI: 10.7897/2277-4343.140397

Pages: 127-130

Author: Bhagyalaxmi RM Naik *, Prabhu C Nagalapur, Chandrashekaraddi S Karmudi, Shrimant G Chavan

Abstract: Any individual's nutrient requirements are based on age, gender, and activity. With developing age, the child shows many changes. Their association with food assumes a varied spectrum to the extent of acceptance, rejection, or selection of food. But good nutrition remains fundamental to the child's physical and mental growth and development. The media exposure to tempting eatables sold in packets like wafers, etc., is the primary factor for the wrong selection of food habits. In children, the matter of concern is the quality of food. So, it is essential for some adequate supervision for the selection of food and healthy eating for preventing and postponing nutrition-related chronic diseases. There is a vast description of healthy and nutritious food in Ayurveda, with easy methods of preparation making it more acceptable in children. Pathya and apathya are used to denote the acceptability and adaptability of a particular food. Accepting that children are picky in taking food, a slight modification can make it more acceptable. The pathya kalpana is like krushara (kichidi), misraodana (boiled rice), and krutta mudga yusha (soup prepared with pulses.) yavagu (gruel) etc., are not only nutritious but also act as agni deepaka (appetizer) ruchya, (improves taste perception) balya, (promotes strength) tarpaka, (nourishing), vatanulomaka (carminative). These ahara kalpana helps restore agni's normal functioning to digest food properly and give essential nutrition to the body. So, this is an attempt to put light on Ayurvedic recipes such as nutritious food for the growth and development of children.

Keyword: Ayurvedic Nutritious food, Pathya Kalpana, Yusha, Yavagu